by Bill Partsch

I’m thinking about doing this for a living.

Written by Bill Partsch at 10:35 am on October 27, 2017
Last updated at 6:57 pm on November 29, 2017

God, I Hope I Get It

I need a job, America—or at least work of some kind. I have a lot to offer in the ideas and imagination departments. And, it so happens, I’m good at what I do; it says so right over there in the blue column.

I’ve been a stay-at-home dad for a few years. Everyone tells me it’s the best job I could ever have. Everyone is right, but the pay is crap—literally.

So yeah, if you need writing, editing, reporting, copy editing, proofreading, I’m your guy. I’m tack sharp on the technical stuff: grammar, punctuation, style. Plus, I have this gigantic satchel of knowledge in my brain that’s hard to characterize exactly, but it sure has come in handy in my career as a journalizer. And hey, guess who just built this sweet little WordPress site you’re reading?

Man, I Can Do A Lot of Stuff

Yep, I’m a learner. I even dabbled my way to a video—a modest marketing proposal, I guess you could say—using Adobe Illustrator and Premiere, with a soundtrack I performed/assembled in GarageBand and mastered in Adobe Audition.

Oh, and I can teach, too. I actually have a Certificate of Eligibility that would let me teach English in any public high school in New Jersey. All I need is for a school district to give me a ring, and I’m out the door.

The same goes for you people who need writing, editing, etc. It doesn’t have to be some fancy publishing joint, although that would be terrific. Marketing, PR, non-profits, technical writing, trade guilds…wherever someone needs editorial content that engages readers, I am raring to bring it.

Here, have a gander at my résumé. It’s free. It comes in PDF form, too.

Did I mention I do bubble shows? I see I did not. People love them, both kids and grown-ups. I make bubbles like you’ve never seen, unless you’ve seen another bubble show. The link has the pertinent info. That site is my doing, as well. It’s nowhere near as sophisticated as the present humble venture. Maybe I’ll get to that next. I hope I’m too busy to get around to it, though, at least for a good while.

Hey, thanks for reading, you.

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