by Bill Partsch

I’m thinking about doing this for a living.

Written by Bill Partsch at 6:20 pm on November 29, 2017
Last updated at 10:43 am on December 28, 2017

Professional Help for Democrats

Like Obi-Wan, Democrats are our only hope these days. (That third-party thing ain’t happening anytime soon, if ever.) The Democratic Party is good at a lot of things; alas, it is also decidedly un-Jedi-like at other things, some of them crucial. Its slapdash marketing effort sticks out for me, perhaps because it’s the thing I think I personally can help the most with. (I explore a succinct guiding principle for the party here.)

So in my (thus far imaginary) post as Democratic marketing soldier, one of my first suggestions is to beef up and professionalize the party’s online presence. Specifically, I think Democrats need to create a unified look across all state party sites, which are currently a patchwork of styles and content. (“United” and “unified,” in fact, should be among the words Democrats use most, because perhaps the biggest challenge facing this country right now is the fact that it is so divided.) Obviously, the state parties should have autonomy to localize content, but the look of all the sites should shout, “We are in this together.”

This video, then, proposes logos for each state site (plus DC and Puerto Rico), all based on the Democratic Party’s official logo, and all in lovely shades of blue. It’s set to a familiar tune that is at once patriotic and kinda swingin’. I created all the artwork (aside from the base logo), and I did the music, too, using only GarageBand and an iRig 25-key MIDI keyboard.

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